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  • Drama, Horror, Thriller , produced in 2008 Germany, France, Canada
  • Actors: Romain Duris, John Malkovich, Evangeline Lilly, Pascale Bussieres
  • Directed by: Gilles Bourdos
  • Rating: 6.70 out of 10 (141 votes)
  • Plot Summary: As helmed by Gilles Bourdos, this supernatural thriller continues John Malkovich's career-long tradition of playing offbeat, enigmatic figures with a menacing air. Romain Duris stars as Nathan Del Amico, an attorney doubly haunted by his past as the survivor of a childhood near-death experience and an adult witness to his own baby's death. As a product of these crises, Nathan has buried himself in his work and now suffers from a bad case of familial estrangement from his separated wife (Evangeline Lilly) and little girl. Then the mysterious Dr. Kay (Malkovich) turns up, claiming that he has clairvoyant visions informing him when someone is about to die--a gift as a "messenger" that enables him to make each person's transition out of life a smooth and easy one. Suddenly, upon hearing Kay's claims, Nathan feels his death-laden memories double in intensity and grows increasingly convinced that either he now stands on the verge of death, or that he has the same messenger abilities as Kay.
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